What is the right type of armature for me?

We offer 3 types of armatures. Standard, Custom, and Special.
Standard armatures come in 2 types of the anatomically correct masculine(21cm | 8.25in) and feminine (19cm | 7.5in) (visit page). Masculine armatures have a wider chest, and shorter hip, and are taller compared to feminine armatures. If this is not what you want, your next option is to customize your armature.

Custom armatures cover a wide range of specifications. ranging from 15cm (5.9in) to 30cm (11.8in) and various body types. You can customize your armature based on your character design using our web-based interactive armature design platform. (visit page)

Custom armatures usually cover what our clients need. but if none of the Standard armatures nor Custom armatures cover what you need, you can submit your design for us to design your armature with special specifications, like if your armature is too small or big, or needs to have very thin joints, or in case you need non-biped armatures. (visit page)


  • The price for Standard armatures is $79.99 (USD)
  • The price for Custom armatures is $89.99 (USD).
  • Special armatures pricing starts from $150(USD). final pricing will be determined after submission and review.
  • All of the 3 categories of our armatures are the same in quality. The price difference is only due to differences in the armature size/proportions or the size of used joints.
  • All of our armatures are delivered assembled and you do not have to assemble them.

Products :

Custom Armatures

Customize the size and proportion of your armature

Standard Armatures

Choose between anatomically correct feminine and masculine armatures

Special Armatures

Armatures designed for special specifications

Other Products:

Heavy duty rig

heavy duty rig for holding your Armature or objects
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Standard rig

Standard rig for holding your Armature or objects
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