Stop Motion Joy

Heavy Duty Rig

$59.99 (USD)

Heavy-duty rigs are a version of rigs, designed to hold armatures and objects at longer distances. Even though it is designed to hold heavier objects/characters, its tension-adjustable joints could perfectly balance the joints’ strength and softness of their movements. With 4 arms extending about 30cm, M3 armature connector arm with a secure locking screw, and 6mm diameter rods, it mounts on a piece of wood or other media to securely hold armatures or objects.


  • Strong and tight
  • Stainless steel, 8mm ball and socket joints (7mm for armature connector arm)
  • 5mm hex key Allen screws (3mm for the Armature connector arm)
  • 4 segments, 28cm arm length (when extended)
  • M3 special connector armĀ  for connecting to the armature
  • Designated attachment points for mounting on a piece of wood or other media (needs extra weight to support the rig)
  • Drywall screws(bugle head), hex keys, and Armature connector arm included.