Special Design 

Armatures designed to meet special specifications

Need Something Special? Meet Special Design Armatures

When it comes to having some specifications, like very small or big armatures, or when thin joints are needed, or even for non-biped forms which cannot be achieved via standard or customized armatures, Special design armatures will cover that.

Something Truly Special

Special design armatures use parts that are specific to the given armature. Laser-cut or hand-made or a mix of both is used to achieve the design goal. 

Pushing Armature design to the limits

using balls as small as 3mm and as big as 8mm ensures the flexibility of the armature size to best fit the design

Pricing starting from $150(usd)

Even though each special armature has its process to make, we do our best to keep the price fair and competitive.

final price will be determined after design submission and review.


Turtle Armature