Special Armture Design Submission

You can submit your design for special design armatures using this form. After being reviewed, an email containing your final armature design will be sent for you to approve. after approval/applying changes, you will receive a payment link.

Pricing starting from $120 (USD)

Even though each special armature has its process to make, we do our best to keep the price fair and competitive.

The final price will be determined after design submission and review.

Basic info

Tell us a bit about your requirements. what do you want from this character's armature, like if it does need to do any specific movement, or to have specific rig attaching points or any other specifications that must be considered in the armature making process.

Submit design

Select your character design files. It is recommended to upload two designs, one from the front view and one from the side view. but if your character is upright and is not bent at the knees or spine, you can skip the side view design. And do not forget to mention your character's height in your design!

Shipping info