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An armature with all the good things

Now with 3D printed parts

A volume for good grip and easier fabrication

Single Segment Shoulders

easy to animate with maximum movement range

And Free Design!

Have your custom armature made ranging from 15cm -5.9in- to 30cm -11.8in- tall and various body types

Price: $120 (USD)


No popping, no loosening. With precision laser-cut stainless steel plates and nickel-chrome plated carbon steel parts, the strength of the joints and the smoothness of their movement is guaranteed. With tension adjustable joints, separate tie-down points for toe and ankle, back and front rig attachment points on chest and hip, detachable hands, and various used ball sizes to maximize flexibility, all to make the animating a pleasant experience.


  • Including 3D-printed parts for the support structure. It is detachable.
  • Fully Assembled
  • Choose from 19cm female, and 21cm male, or design your own custom armature
  • Single joint shoulders
  • Stainless steel joint plates
  • Tension adjustable joints with M3 hex key screws
  • 5mm, 6mm, and 7mm Ball joints (5mm for limbs, 6mm for neck and feet, 7mm for spine)
  • Hard carbon steel, nickel-chrome plated balls and rods
  • Silver soldered balls and rods (High quality, strong thread-lock is used for some other attaching points)
  • Tie-down M3 screw points for toe and ankle
  • Four designated M3 rig attaching points on the chest and hip (back and front)
  • Detachable hands with lock screw
  • Aluminum wire, hex key,  tie-down screws, extra hand sockets, and extra screws are included

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standard+ armature with 3D printed support parts


2 Segment, 20cm standard rig


4 segment, 30cm heavy duty rig

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  • Customs duty may apply in your region

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